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First our named bloggers, and then our pseudonymous bloggers:

Lorie Byrd (website)

Timothy Carney (website)

Nick Danger (website)

Nathan Hallford (bio) (website)

Quin Hillyer (bio)

Andrew Hyman (website)

Curt Levey (bio)

Carol Platt Liebau (website)

Marshall Manson (bio) (website)

Dan McLaughlin (bio)

Paul Zummo (website)

Alexham specializes in complex litigation and appellate practice, is a former federal appellate law clerk, and is also a member of the Federalist Society. (website)

Aurel is a corporate lawyer at a large New York firm, a graduate of Harvard Law School and Oxford University, and is also a member of the Federalist Society.

IrishLaw (website)

Past contributors include:

Steve (“Feddie”) Dillard (bio) (website)

Dave II is from the Houston area, and he recently graduated from law school at Catholic University. He has also blogged at Redstate, where he has written “The Judge Report.”

Kudos, Comments, and Criticism:

“[Confirm Them was] quite influential in leading the debate over appellate court nominees, a battle that doesn’t always captivate the MSM or the public. The continual coverage and discussion helped keep the issue at the forefront of the debate, which also spurred other media coverage. But the most perplexing thing is how terribly the White House misjudged how the blogs would react to the Miers nomination. As I reported in the book, Harriet Miers herself recognized what a key role blogs would play in a Supreme Court fight. (When Miers said the blogs would be important, Confirm Them [was one] of the key ones she had in mind.)”

-Jan Crawford Greenburg, author of “Supreme Conflict”

“The center of the Miers opposition was National Review’s blog, The Corner, and the blog ConfirmThem.com, both with sharp-tongued, witty and relentless writers. They unleashed every argument they could find, and the pack that followed them could not be stopped. Even if a senator had a mind to urge hearings and a vote, he had to feel that it would call down on him the verbal wrath of the anti-Miers zealots.” Hugh Hewitt in a NYT op-ed piece

“[Confirm Them]: What a neat site! How did A3G manage to miss it for this long? She has added Confirm Them to her blogroll. Check it out!” A3G (David Lat)

“Confirm Them is the best resource for information and commentary on the Senate confirmation debate. Bookmark the site and refer to it often.” Rick @ “Stones Cry Out”

“One of our favorite blogs, Confirm Them, is frequented by many folks who share the originalist vision of our governing documents. Notably, it is also frequented by many who run in conservative legal circles in D.C. Many of these folks are either federal clerks themselves or know clerks of current Justices.” Gary @ Truth v. The Machine

“Since the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, the most fascinating political site on the web has been Confirm Them, a weblog created by Republican activists to support the confirmation of President Bush’s judicial appointments.” Roger Cadenhead

“Patterico and Professor Bainbridge come out as big winners as well as the Confirm Them crew in [the Miers] incident. They did not attempt to direct opinion, they responded to events with insight and analysis that reflected, focused, and amplified the latent discontent into a force with enough memory to put folks like DeWine and Graham out of a job.” Paul Deignan

“Confirm Them, which has pushed for the confirmation of President Bush’s judicial nominees.” NYT

“The fine folks over at Confirm Them have come to realize more urgently what they believed all along– that qualifications are perhaps the most important feature in a judicial nominee. Good for them. They care about what Sandy Levinson and I call the “high politics” of constitutional law. I may not agree with their views about the best interpretation of the Constitution, but I salute the fact that they are serious about the Constitution and about making sure that good people are put on the federal bench.” Professor Jack Balkin

“I stumbled on a site that perhaps I’m not supposed to know about….conservative blog Confirm Them. This blog and its comments are an amazing treasure trove of frank, uncensored Republican insider “chatter” and arrogance, and it’s a genuine hoot to read!” Deborah White @ Liberal Politics

Media Appearances:

Steve “Feddie” Dillard’s interview with Debbie Elliot of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” for a segment entitled, “Life in the Blogosphere’s Right Lane.”