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If you created a login on Redstate prior to August 7, 2006, your username is already in the system. Follow the instructions below to get a new password. (Your password could not be transferred to the Redstate Network system)

How do I get a new password for my userid?
Click here to visit the lost password page. You can use either your Redstate username or your email address to begin the password reset process. It takes just a minute, as long as your email on file is correct.

My email on file is not correct. Now what?
Please open a ticket at the Redstate Network Helpdesk. We will make every attempt to help you correct your account information as time permits.

How do I add to my blog (diary)?
In the old Redstate system, user content was added to a ‘diary’. We now call them ‘user blogs’ and they are accesible after logging in on the right hand side of the site, under “My Blog”. Simply click that link, and you’ll be taken to your blog – including a link to add a new entry

Where did recommended diaries go?
When we converted to the Redstate Network platform, we lost the ability to have users recommend diaries for the front page. We are working hard to restore a user-driven voting scheme, but in the meantime please check out our “Spotlight Blogs” – which are hand picked by our editors. You can also use the Recent Popular Content menu entry on the right hand side of the site.

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