Is Doing Your Own Will a Good Idea?

Do you need a lawyer to write your own legal will?

It’s never a good idea to leave your asset distribution to chance when you die; in fact, the lack of a legal will has led to countless family fall outs over the years and will certainly continue to do so if legal documentation isn’t present. Forgeries have been known to occur, as has unofficial documentation being put forward by individuals that stand to benefit from parts of a deceased person’s estate.

In an effort to stop these events from taking place, plenty of people decide that creating their own will is the best way to go – but with legal stipulations governing the factors that define whether a legal will is considered official or not, doing your own will can leave your family in hot water if not done properly.

Why is a formal legal will important?

In the simplest terms, a will can only be considered official if it is at the very least signed and dated by the will-writer. Furthermore, certain states in Australia only recognise wills created in a certain manner, so doing a will from home and without the proper legal guidance can result in a document that is both unusable and illegitimate in the eyes of the law.

This is one of the reasons why people are turning to authoritative legal solutions – namely online legal agencies that can help by providing the formal legal template documentation needed; albeit in a digital format. You can buy online now at Ozpills.

How to obtain a formal legal will kit online 

Being able to order a legal will kit online can be beneficial, as it can save time whilst ensuring that the paperwork is up to date and compliant with all modern legislation. Furthermore, buying a will can cost as little as $25 from certain reliable websites – and because of the digital nature in which the forms are issued, they can be far more secure than paper alternatives as they can’t be modified in any way without the consent of the will-writer.

Download your online legal will here Online Will Kit For Australia | Legal Will | Do-It-Yourself Power Of Attorney

Getting your legal will right

To answer the question regarding whether creating your own will is a good idea, the truth is that yes, it can certainly be beneficial – but only if done in the right way. And in order to create a will in the right capacity, all content should be written in a controlled way – and one that follows the correct layout of a will.

With the low cost and the verified way in which the will is made available, there’s really no reason not to consider investing in one – and most of these websites also offer other services such as power of attorney, as well as wills for individuals and couples alike, allowing for plenty of choice.

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Writing Your Own Will

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